Tuesday, March 29, 2011

“Patricia Friedberg’s 21 Aldgate has been a very popular pick with our area book clubs. Combining all the best elements of historical fiction with an illicit affair make it the must-read novel of early 2011.”

Ashley Dacus, Manager, DAVIS-KIDD BOOKSELLERS, Memphis, TN.

In 21 Aldgate Patricia Friedberg –a wonderfully compelling writer—brings the reader into a pre-war and WWII London that had been unknown to many of us Americans, certainly to me. She gives a clear picture of the hardships German bombings brought to London’s citizens while telling the story of a strong young woman and her resilient family. We follow the main character, Clara, through her love affair with a famous artist and through her adventures as a spy during the war. But the hero(s) of the book are the British people and the bravery with which they faced the threat of an enemy near at hand. This one is well worth reading.”

Georgia Court


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