Monday, July 25, 2011

Book Tour Winding Down to its UK Completion.

Many who haven't read "21 ALDGATE" here in England are now wanting to purchase the book. Hopefully it will soon be available in a softcover second edition. Many who have read the book are passing their enthusiasm on to others.

At the talks the constant question is: "When will the film be released?" and then, "Who will play Clara? and Paul Maze?" and always because the writing makes it so visual, the comment ... "21 ALDGATE will make a great film!"

Patricia has spoken to welcoming AJR groups in Ealing, Brighton and Radlett and will be speaking at the Community Centre in Clevedon Road in West Hampstead on Tuesday, July 26th at 10:30 a.m.

The author was an invited speaker at RISHON in Edgeware to an audience fascinated by the story in which one of the characters is an MS victim. RISHON is a charitable organization dedicated to the interest of sufferers of MS.

Patricia has also addressed Ladies Societies in Cockfosters and N. Southgate and "Book Lovers" in Yorkshire organized by Mick and Ann Blunt.

Jon Kaye, formerly BBC presenter and Head of Talking News & Books will be interviewing the author on radio on August 1st. Watch for the Podcast posting.

Audio version recorded by Rita Rosenbaum is available at KC Shasha Centre for Talking News & Books. Tel: 0208 922 2332
21 ALDGATE is also available on, kindle, Nook, ipad, e-book, Barnes & Noble,,

Upcoming AUGUST 4th event at Dartmouth House, Charles Street, Mayfair, London.
Be sure to send in your registration form ASAP. (see previous posting - July)

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