Friday, August 12, 2011

Time to say Ta Ta for now.
Thank you to all who came to my talks.  The interest shown has at
times been overwhelming.
Though London, my home town, has had it's troubles this past week,
it is only a few undesirables intent on making  one of the greatest
cities in the world, the object of their criminality.  I have travelled
the length and breadth of my homeland - I have met with the young
who want to know how their families fared during World War Two
and conversed with those who lived through it.
I closed each of my talks with a dedication in admiration
of all law abiding Londoners whether it be during the blitz and the
aftermath of that dreadful time or now during the recent  riots. 
21 Aldgate tells of that spirit - and that spirit cannot and will not
be crushed.

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