Friday, September 23, 2011


Framingham, Massachusetts
Book Club member Cindy Witt organized a Virtual Book Talk via SKYPE for her book group’s September, 22nd meeting.
21 ALDGATE, the novel, was on this book club's reading list and all wanted to meet the author. Cindy spoke with Patricia Friedberg's agent, Legacies Literary and the concept of VIRTUAL BOOK TALKS / MEET THE AUTHOR was born.
The meeting which took place last evening was a huge success! Skyping interactively book club members had the chance to ask intelligent questions of the author about her motivation for writing this book. The story based on true-life characters and events sparked interest in knowing how the main characters were developed. Members expressed how they identified with and admired the strength of the main character CLARA; the class divide which existed in the 1930's-40's. They reflected and referred to favorite parts of the book, among other parts, a remarkable scene where the child saves her father’s life. They discussed the effect of war on families, on children, which spun into talk about the futility of war. Reading about this period in modern history, which needs to be remembered, brought about discussions on the courage of Londoners who made the decisive choice to "Keep Calm and Carry On". There was interest and curiosity about Paul Maze (pronounced MARS), his relationship with Sir Winston Churchill and MAZE lasting impact on CLARA'S life and the secret she must take to her grave.

Thanks, Cindy's Club....It was wonderful to meet you, We had a great time!!!
Book clubs (wherever in the English speaking world) are invited to organize their book clubs VIRTUAL BOOK TALK / MEET THE AUTHOR of 21 ALDGATE, Patricia Friedberg via SKYPE.
If interested please e-mail and send details to:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Posts and Book Reviews

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21 Aldgate / Patricia Friedberg - 2010. Some walking tours focus on the literary associations of the area .... 'Spitalfields - In Words' and 'The Jewish East End ...

On the Bookshelf - by Josh Lambert - Tablet Magazine - A New ... - Cached

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Dec 13, 2010 – 21 Aldgate by Patricia Friedberg should be added to this list

No.69 BARBICAN LIBRARY Aug/Sept 2011

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21 Aldgate by Patricia Friedberg is set in London just prior to WW2 and is the story of the experiences of one Jewish family living in the East End during the ...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

NEW YORK - 9/11
And we are here.
We remember this day ten years ago
We remember those who perished
We remember that day when fear replaced innocence.
The streets are silenced - we observe, we remember.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fans of "21 ALDGATE"
on board the ship

Thursday, September 8, 2011

21 ALDGATE meets
Queen Mary 2

Book talk in the Winter Garden Room on board the QM2

where Brits and Yanks alike
shared in this lively
and well-attended discussion,
based on the book, the period and the upcoming film.