Thursday, September 22, 2011

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21 Aldgate / Patricia Friedberg - 2010. Some walking tours focus on the literary associations of the area .... 'Spitalfields - In Words' and 'The Jewish East End ...

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Dec 13, 2010 – 21 Aldgate by Patricia Friedberg should be added to this list

No.69 BARBICAN LIBRARY Aug/Sept 2011

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21 Aldgate by Patricia Friedberg is set in London just prior to WW2 and is the story of the experiences of one Jewish family living in the East End during the ...

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  1. I adored 21 Aldgate. The characters are authentic and 'unreal' at the sames time. Though I can only imagine the terror and anguish of bombs exploding within earshot of my home, I am amazed how prepared and accepting the people where who lived through it. 21 Aldgate captures a family's ability to make hard decisions quickly in order to survive the heartbreaks of living in uncertain times-regardless of class or position. I closed the book with a question mark...that we all have our individual passions and traditions, is that what make us all equal?
    Thank you Mrs Friedberg for this gem.