Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eva Monley, Hollywood's Expert on Africa, Dies at 88
Production manager, Location Scout and Producer worked on such films as “The African Queen,” “Lawrence of Arabia” and “A Far Off Place.”

Eva was fellow Producer and my mentor in the art and business of filmmaking. She shared her incredible history with me, advised, chastised and even on the London streets, wore odd colored flipflops. Because of Eva, we filmed on location in Zimbabwe, and...because of Eva learned to carry on in the ever frustrating film industry which has led us now to the film project,"21 ALDGATE".

While I needed to be in London on pre-production of the film "JOURNEY FROM THE JACARANDAS", Eva tossed me the keys to her flat ( just steps away from what she dubbed "the Grocery Store" HARROD'S ) where I stayed until, from that "posh" setting,
weeks later, we were on location along the red dusty roads of Bulawayo, shooting the film amid the Balancing Rocks of the Matopas and in the site of the Great Zimbabwe Ruins.
MaryAnn Amato

"Eva taught us all we would ever need to know about the film industry. We will be forever indebted to her. Our film "Journey from the Jacarandas", will be reborn in her memory."
Patricia Friedberg

Author Meets Booker Middle School Students at the "Dragonfly Cafe"

It was my privilege yesterday to discuss ‘21 Aldgate’ with the creative writing class at Booker Middle School, Sarasota, Florida.

Ms. Joanne Fox, teaches her class in what could be easily be the setting

for Charles Dickens, ‘Old Curiosity Shop’. Odd chairs, round, square and oblong tables, sentences scrawled on walls, bright colours and well used books everywhere. Nothing fits the d├ęcor of an ordinary school room which is why imagination holds no bounds and poetry and paragraphs flow from the pens of determined young writers.

What a joy to witness students in a setting where their imagination, their creativity and their pride of being a Booker Student is obvious. Ironic that this is where George W Bush was first told of the attack of the Twin Towers. The young people I met will live their lives, not destroying, but building on the positive through their creativity.

Thank you Booker for giving me an insight to an outstanding program.


Patricia Friedberg

Dear Patricia,

We so enjoyed your visit. The girls are now lining up to read 21Aldgate. One of them commented that I always tell them they are living the book they will one day write and now they can see how that is true. Surely, Pat, you did not realize at the time that it was your day to day existence that would become your book. What a gift of realization was given and received because of your visit. Your letter meant so much to my girls. (Just a clarification, President Bush was down the way at Emma E. Booker Elementary School on 9-11, but the sentiment is lovely.)

Our best to you,

Joanna Fox