Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book Review by Author: Joan Kufrin

By the third line of the first page, Clara Simon's story had hooked me. Anyone who has worked for a foul-tempered autocrat, especially one who spews anti-semitic remarks about his own clients, will understand Clara's sudden decision to quit. It's a brave one, considering this is London in the 30s, Hitler's shadow is already darkening Europe and Clara is a Jew. She is also an extraordinary character, beautiful, courageous, fierce, consumed by love for her family, her husband, and, unthinkably, her new employer, the well-known artist Paul Maze, a gentile. A rich, textured and emotionally compelling journey, 21 Aldgate by Patricia Friedman left me recharged and uplifted about the state of human nature.

Joan Kufrin
author of "Uncommon Women" and Leo Burnett, "Star-reacher".

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