Thursday, March 21, 2013


Is it possible in the span of two days to meet with another group of knowledgeable,  interesting and international women who make up this outstanding Breakfast Book Club.? It is and they are indeed
a remarkable group of women.

Thank you, Karla Hager for suggesting 21 ALDGATE to your book club and for hosting the meeting at your beautiful home, and thanks to Betty Conard leader of the club for organizing the meeting.

Stimulating discussion followed Patricia's talk which centered around the impact of the war on Clara, (cited as a a true feminist); on the family, the east end, and on Victoria, the child. The issue of women spying for the allies who kept true the secrecy of their missions, brought out the intrigue of Clara's work at the Gallery which fronted for the French Resistance,  The international members of the book club drew on their personal experiences in London and other parts of the world during and after the War.  World War II is a subject that does not go away.

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It was such a great pleasure to meet you and we look forward to meeting you again once Patricia Friedberg's "LETTERS FROM WANKIE" is released.


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