Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Many Thanks - you Gals have anything but  a SHORT ATTENTION SPAN.

What a delight it was to meet with this erudite group of women and to engage in stimulating conversation and lively discussion about "21 ALDGATE", the period in which the story is set, the
intriguing story, the characters - Clara, as a role model of feminist and the events leading up to the
the war; the 1930's and the literature and art that grew out of that period in history; and not in the least recognition of Patricia Friedberg's ability in her writing to keep readers intensely intrigued "unable to put the book down"... and this while being wined and dined.

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Thank you Beth Karlin, for introducing the SAS Book Club to "21 ALDGATE".  We look forward to meeting you again when"Letters From Wankie" is released.

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