Friday, July 5, 2013


  Available on KINDLE, Nook and e-books in August. 
Praise for LETTERS FROM WANKIE... a place in colonial Africa
"A gorgeous, touching, tragic tale of a lost -- but now, thanks to Patricia Friedberg --never forgotten time in a remote corner of colonial Africa."
                         -Douglas Rogers, New York Times Journalist and author of THE  LAST RESORT: A Memoir of Zimbabwe 

"What an adventure! I loved this book! I could not stop reading this honestly portrayed, exhilarating account of Patricia Friedberg's journey into the interior of Africa in the fifties.  Filled with humor and astute wry observations, this is a delightful trip into the past where a newly married and naïve British woman is taken by her new husband to live in an isolated mining town ....with the dubious name of Wankie...."
 -Paul Williams, Ph.D., Author of SOLDIER BLUE


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