Wednesday, October 2, 2013

 LETTERS FROM WANKIE:a place in colonial Africa

RAVE REVIEWS for Patricia Friedberg's Latest Release...

Anne Collis, Artistic Director, National Symphony Orchestrs, UK
"Loved 'LETTERS FROM WANKIE'. Read it cover to cover in one day!....definitely a page turner, what a fascinating time she had...and what a trouper!"

Dorothy A, Arizona, US
"I read this book with great delight...what an interesting life and what a wealth of experience. Congratulations!  This book is great!"

Dave Bloom., Tel Aviv, Israel, Founder and Editor of the Zimbabwe Jewish Community website:
LETTERS FROM WANKIE is a terrific read... I highly recommend...a well-written book.  Through her work as Clerk of the Court for the Native Commissioner, the author experiences and provides, with a matter-of-fact humour, a fascinating insight into the culture: a snapshot of life in a remote district of Rhodesia in the early 1950's."

Amy B., Patchoque, NY, US
"Witty and Wonderful!...a captivating, entertaining memoir of one woman's fascinating two-year adventure into a foreign world. It is sure to capture your heart; don't miss it."

Paul L., Jerusalem, Israel
"Delightfully told with light wry humour, and through letters, to give us a real feel of the place, and with the pathos of looking back now at a country destroyed, this is an excellent memoir."

Rafe B, Bradenton, Florida, US
"Friedberg makes a compelling case for the benevolent aspects of pre-independence Africa where there were heroic individuals who were able to make a difference ...LETTERS FROM WANKIE is a valuable insight into pre-independence east Africa and one woman's positive impact.."

Gillian E., Tierra Verde, Florida, US
"...the area came alive with the author's vivid descriptions and many challenges - a page turner, and a great follow-up to Friedberg's earlier book, 21 ALDGATE.

Leila D., London, England
"...a truly great read!  I loved and enjoyed every word of this wonderfully written, memoir, which I strongly recommend

E & C., Basel, Switzerland
"what a fascinating adventure...we read it together and so enjoyed the story and the style. It's a must read!"

Barbara Y., Bradenton, Florida, US
"I really enjoyed this book especially after reading and loving "21 ALDGATE" by Patricia Friedberg.
This story follows on with the life of the child in "21 ALDGATE" and her married life in an unusual setting.

James, A., Johannesburg, South Africa
"By chance I came across your latest book called "LETTERS FROM WANKIE"and, as I grew up in that town...resident from 1954-1969, I acquired your book and thoroughly enjoyed the read...brought back some good memories, albeit as a child my life was carefree...Thanks for writing your wonderful memories of Wankie."

B&C, M., Springfield, MA, US,  (formerly of Johannesburg, South Africa
"A brilliant read... I felt the author's voice as if she were in the room with me!  We loved it and laughed at the good humour.  Wonderfully written."

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