Tuesday, February 28, 2017


From author, Patricia Friedberg

The desecration of Jewish cemeteries and the bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers demand that I, a child in London during the 2nd World War, speak out.  If it wasn’t for one foggy night during that war, Hitler would have invaded England and I, together with all British Jews rounded up and sent to a concentration camp.  That means my children; their children and their children’s children would not be born.  That means if I, who lived that history, stay silent, then I too, am guilty.  I’d be as guilty as the Republican Party for not standing up to a dishonest President.  I’d be guilty for not defending my faith and those of the Muslim faith. And more than that I’d be guilty of turning a blind eye to what I know is extremely dangerous.
I believe in free speech. I don’t believe in distorting the truth, denying the press and making promises that can’t be kept.  This is how Hitler took over Europe. This is why millions of civilians as well as millions of soldiers on both sides of that war were slaughtered. It is also why I felt compelled to write 21 Aldgate, the story of two world wars and much more.  Perhaps I had a premonition.
Donald Trump and his multimillion dollar cabinet, a cabinet made up of mostly men seem to ignore history, or, far worse, accept the connection to white supremacists which happens to be Trump’s base. Hillary Clinton’s description, “basket of deplorables’ couldn’t be more pertinent.
 ‘Making America First’ means, making it white, making it Muslim free, making it isolationist.  Doesn’t that bring back the late 1930’s? Isn’t that why America entered the war in 1941 instead of 1939 and only then because Pearl Harbor was attacked? FDR did all he could to persuade the country to enter earlier. Too many refused to listen then and they are not listening now. And by the way, Russia started out aligned with Germany.  Doesn’t that tell us why we can’t allow what appears to be a dictatorship to govern the United States of America? 
 Mr. Trump you have given permission and a voice to these purveyors of hatred.  Your rhetoric appeals to the fears of those who hide behind racial slurs and midnight destruction.
This is not new.

 It happened in my lifetime and it is happening again.

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