Saturday, March 18, 2017

A MESSAGE FROM AUTHOR of 21 ALDGATE. Patricia Friedberg

In 21 Aldgate I tell the story of a family and their experiences in the 1930’s leading up to World War 2. Now in 2017 I see too many parallels to those years. What I couldn’t remember for the novel I researched. I read the rhetoric of the British politicians, Neville Chamberlain’s naïve words. “…there will be peace in our time.” I shuddered at the way Hitler and his cohorts made promises and never kept them except for his intention of wiping out the Jews. I can’t help likening it to a reply to President Trump’s statement re Isis, that he supports killing innocent people and committing war even if it results in the deaths of innocent women and children. Hitler had no regard for basic principles of humanitarian law and neither does Donald Trump. We have a government of self interest Republicans who haven’t yet had the guts to stand up to a dictator and his advisers. I suggest they go back to their history books and see how the Third Reich accomplished their endeavors before we become the Fourth.

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