Saturday, August 1, 2020

August 1st, 2020   Comment by Author of "21 ALDGATE"  and Memoir 

"Letters From Wankie" 

Patricia Friedberg 

I have lived through and in wars. I have survived tropical disease outbreaks in Southern Africa. I have been in 
unprotected riots while teaching in Africa. I have four children born in four different countries, I became a citizen 
of the United States with the hope of never having to relocate again. With all I have experienced Trump has made 
me question the Constitution of these United States. I knew Hitler was evil. I recognised Mugabe was deplorable. 
I thought the Klu Klux should never be allowed to exist. And yet, I cannot fathom how this experiment of democracy 
has fallen so far from its original intention to allow a lying, money grabbing, pretender to continue flouting his 
uncontrollable, egotistical, stupidity upon a nation in the flux of a pandemic without one Republican standing up 
shouting from the roof tops, ENOUGH. If this is the best Western Civilisation has to offer I am beginning to question 
why we escaped here.  Yet, I am not completely without hope. I will vote. My family will vote. And, whoever has 
read this far into my rant, they must Vote.  It is the only answer to rid the country of a man not fit to be anything 
other than a demon sent to remind all what America once was - a shining light of hope to all those who came to 
become citizens of a once great and admired land.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Patricia Friedberg's Response to JULY 13th Paul Krugman/s NY TIMES Article "America Drank Away Its Children's Freedom"

Sarasota Florida
July 14
I am a Brit living in Florida, a child in London during WW2. We could not go out to play, we had to carry gas masks, our schools closed then opened with shelters dug beneath them, food rationed, sweets (candy) 2 oz a week - bath no more than 5" of water. not to mention the constant air raids. Our war lasted 6 years and here in the States, we are complaining about four months of safety rules, wearing masks. and following scientific advice. This once was the land of the free and the brave; we have become the land of the stupid and the selfish.

Published 7/14/2020 Ny Times Opinion (Letters to the Editor)

Sunday, July 12, 2020

July 2020 - A Word from the Author

American states are far from Aldgate in a myriad of ways. The state I'm beginning to like the least is Florida, where I live. Today reaching more than fifteen thousand new cases of the CoVid-19 virus - is giving us the unwanted title of the hardest-hit state in the nation. I find it difficult to concentrate. I'm weary of staying home. I'd love to be in London - but we aren't welcome there or to any other country in Europe and we won't be until we find a way to keep ourselves and those around us safe.  Americans have this thing about freedom and the Constitution. Freedom to not wear a mask. Freedom to congregate in crowded bars and beaches. Freedom to say, ' I don't want to' therefore 'I don't have to'. I have this thing about being sensible and not tempting fate. I cannot change their attitudes - a Brit at heart, I know I have to 'grin and bear it', or 'keep calm and carry on.'  We need to be patient - we're in the fifth month of this pandemic and I fear we're nowhere near the end of it.
21 Aldgate, the miniseries, is in a holding pattern as are all similar projects until we are free of this plague which threatens all our lives.

Patricia Friedberg.

Saturday, April 18, 2020


The days are not so bad, the evenings of this enforced isolation, are beginning to take their toll. Talking heads on television; I don’t want to watch but my curiosity, my desire to know, my fears for my family in New York and other doomed areas of this land get the better of me. This is a war against a previously unknown enemy. As a child in London, I knew who the enemy was; in retrospect it was awful, but now, all those years later, this pandemic seems worse. The numbers of those infected, the rising lists of deaths, the race to find a vaccine in the hands of scientists – not mine, not the politicians, but those who we trust to save us in the future.
I know I am fortunate to be able to look out my window onto a lake where ducks glide and the occasional cormorant dives. To see a turtle ease it’s way on to a rock to bathe in the sun. A crow sits on the branch of a pine tree – even he stays quiet. I’m told just a few feet away a goose sits on her eggs while her mate occasionally leaves to find sustenance for his wife. Soon those eggs will hatch and the family will come to visit me, just outside my window, the window that keeps me calm during the day, but stays far too dark at night.
                                                   Patricia Friedberg

Monday, March 16, 2020

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Apply this to the Corona19 virus.

This is what my grandparents and parents managed to achieve
during six years of war chronicled in 21 Aldgate.
Only now can I appreciate how well they concealed from me
and my cousins, their inward panic. They kept us calm during
nightly Luftwaffe attacks, when, even more, and unimaginably,                          they knew the very real possibility of imminent invasion.

They knew what could happen to us because we are Jews.