Friday, July 17, 2020

Patricia Friedberg's Response to JULY 13th Paul Krugman/s NY TIMES Article "America Drank Away Its Children's Freedom"

Sarasota Florida
July 14
I am a Brit living in Florida, a child in London during WW2. We could not go out to play, we had to carry gas masks, our schools closed then opened with shelters dug beneath them, food rationed, sweets (candy) 2 oz a week - bath no more than 5" of water. not to mention the constant air raids. Our war lasted 6 years and here in the States, we are complaining about four months of safety rules, wearing masks. and following scientific advice. This once was the land of the free and the brave; we have become the land of the stupid and the selfish.

Published 7/14/2020 Ny Times Opinion (Letters to the Editor)

Sunday, July 12, 2020

July 2020 - A Word from the Author

American states are far from Aldgate in a myriad of ways. The state I'm beginning to like the least is Florida, where I live. Today reaching more than fifteen thousand new cases of the CoVid-19 virus - is giving us the unwanted title of the hardest-hit state in the nation. I find it difficult to concentrate. I'm weary of staying home. I'd love to be in London - but we aren't welcome there or to any other country in Europe and we won't be until we find a way to keep ourselves and those around us safe.  Americans have this thing about freedom and the Constitution. Freedom to not wear a mask. Freedom to congregate in crowded bars and beaches. Freedom to say, ' I don't want to' therefore 'I don't have to'. I have this thing about being sensible and not tempting fate. I cannot change their attitudes - a Brit at heart, I know I have to 'grin and bear it', or 'keep calm and carry on.'  We need to be patient - we're in the fifth month of this pandemic and I fear we're nowhere near the end of it.
21 Aldgate, the miniseries, is in a holding pattern as are all similar projects until we are free of this plague which threatens all our lives.

Patricia Friedberg.