Friday, July 17, 2020

Patricia Friedberg's Response to JULY 13th Paul Krugman/s NY TIMES Article "America Drank Away Its Children's Freedom"

Sarasota Florida
July 14
I am a Brit living in Florida, a child in London during WW2. We could not go out to play, we had to carry gas masks, our schools closed then opened with shelters dug beneath them, food rationed, sweets (candy) 2 oz a week - bath no more than 5" of water. not to mention the constant air raids. Our war lasted 6 years and here in the States, we are complaining about four months of safety rules, wearing masks. and following scientific advice. This once was the land of the free and the brave; we have become the land of the stupid and the selfish.

Published 7/14/2020 Ny Times Opinion (Letters to the Editor)


  1. When did ignorance become a sign of valor? When did humility go out of fashion?
    "Rock of Ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee"

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  2. Ignorance is preferred when fact becomes uncomfortable to acknowledge. Humility is up against strong egotistical voices that drown out decency and truth. We live in an age where everyone can voice an opinion - twitter, Facebook, blogs. Their words uplift us or bring us down as we repeat slogans, copy emojis, or email. Hiding ourselves is not the answer. Seeking to make this a better world by learning from history is. My novel 21 Aldgate, if nothing else, speaks of experienced history when leadership gave us the courage to prevail for as ever long as it might take.
    Today we have too many 'instant pudding', magical thinking, voices expressing their opinions. Freedom of speech is one thing, ignorance is another.
    Patricia Friedberg

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