Saturday, August 1, 2020

August 1st, 2020   Comment by Author of "21 ALDGATE"  and Memoir 

"Letters From Wankie" 

Patricia Friedberg 

I have lived through and in wars. I have survived tropical disease outbreaks in Southern Africa. I have been in 
unprotected riots while teaching in Africa. I have four children born in four different countries, I became a citizen 
of the United States with the hope of never having to relocate again. With all I have experienced Trump has made 
me question the Constitution of these United States. I knew Hitler was evil. I recognised Mugabe was deplorable. 
I thought the Klu Klux should never be allowed to exist. And yet, I cannot fathom how this experiment of democracy 
has fallen so far from its original intention to allow a lying, money grabbing, pretender to continue flouting his 
uncontrollable, egotistical, stupidity upon a nation in the flux of a pandemic without one Republican standing up 
shouting from the roof tops, ENOUGH. If this is the best Western Civilisation has to offer I am beginning to question 
why we escaped here.  Yet, I am not completely without hope. I will vote. My family will vote. And, whoever has 
read this far into my rant, they must Vote.  It is the only answer to rid the country of a man not fit to be anything 
other than a demon sent to remind all what America once was - a shining light of hope to all those who came to 
become citizens of a once great and admired land.

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