Friday, September 11, 2020


21 Aldgate begins with the main character Clara watching on TV, from her home in London, the 9 /11 attack on New York.  It is 2001.  Clara cannot believe what she is seeing - neither could anyone; it was real, it wasn't a Hollywood movie, as Clara had first thought, it was, in fact, a terrorist attack, deliberately planned and carried out. 

Though dreadful and heart wrenching, first responders, fireman, police, leapt to action bringing out the very best in New Yorkers and in people from all over the country who came to help; all breathing in the fetid air, all risking their lives to rescue those trapped, injured and unable to move. Volunteers took on whatever was needed of them, risking their own lives to locate first the wounded and then the dead, We were united in our effort to comfort those who lost love ones, united throughout the country and the world against terrorists.  We were brought to our senses in one terrible moment. America had never before been attacked on its own soil, wars had been fought in foreign lands. This was a first terrorist attack and sadly, proved not to be the last. 

Today19 years later, I am here in Florida and this morning turned on TV to watch the observance of that dark day taking place at site of The World Trade Center in New York. We don't need another 9/11 to unite us.  What we do need is leadership to help us relieve the stress caused by the pandemic attacking us. We need to feel safe - we need to follow the scientists' recommendations, to mask and social distance, to protect our children, to protect our environment, to come together by not allowing evil to replace decency, to call out racists and white supremacists, demand elected politicians to obey the oaths they made when they took office.

 I wrote 21 Aldgate because I have lived in history.  Clara had survived the 1917 flu pandemic, two world wars, the Korean War, The Vietnam War, and  lived to see the devastation of the 9/11 attack.  I saw in Clara a determination to help make this world a better place.  She did it, not unlike a first responder, not simply as an onlooker, but by becoming involved.  She wasn't a heroine, just a woman of outstanding character, and one worth writing about. 

I wrote 21 Aldgate because I wanted to try to instill in readers and in my children and grandchildren, how imperative it is to be involved.  I wrote 21 Aldgate because I found in Clara a character whose life was worth more than those who spout intentions - she carried out hers and touched many lives, including mine and my family.

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