Tuesday, September 8, 2020

AUTHOR, PATRICIA FRIEDBERG ... Reacts to Demeaning comments made by Donald Trump

 I couldn’t hold back the tears this morning when Trump’s opinion of the military was discussed on television. It touched me deeply that he could stoop so low as to say what he said and again it brought back childhood memories of American and Canadian soldiers in London during WW2. So caring, so giving. Chewing gum and chocolates. Sharing bird seed in Trafalgar Square helping me feed the pigeons. Treating us like their own children they missed back home.

And years later visiting the cemeteries in France. Crosses and Stars of David by the thousands. Men who gave their lives so the world would be free of Nazi tyranny. That is why school children in the U.K are taken to these cemeteries by their teachers. They’re not only taught about war they see the results.

To hear the leader of the free world call these brave men losers and suckers for joining the armed forces is beyond belief, beyond anything anyone should think let alone say out loud.

                                                        Trafalgar Square, London 1942

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