Thursday, May 20, 2021

 Jews and Zionist Jews

I was a Jewish child in London during the 2nd World War - (of course, there was no Israel during that time). Jews, at the hands of the Nazis in Germany, and in occupied countries in Europe: Poland, Hungary and, Czechoslovakia, were incarcerated in concentration camps resulting in what is now called The Holocaust.  

I attended Hebrew School three times a week, my father went to Synagogue every Saturday and all  Jewish holidays. Sometimes I would go with him. I had mostly non-Jewish friends and never once did I experience antisemitism. 

 At the end of the war, Jews that survived the death camps were moved to displaced person camps all over Europe.  From there many went to Israel when it became a country in 1948. Those Jews refused to talk about their experiences until their children and grandchildren demanded to know, to try to understand.

What is happening in Israel today is unacceptable.  Palestinians deserve better - not Hamas - the people of Gaza and the West Bank.  There has to be a two-State solution. We Jews must be better than this for we once were who they are now; displaced people.  Stop the bombing. Stop the rockets. Stop aiding all aggressors.  We can only halt the media from referring to Israel as an apartheid society when we Jews remember our past. Whether it comes under, 'do unto others, etc.,' or 'the greatest form of retribution is not to become like your enemies' Marcus Aurelius. Call it what you like but this madness has to stop.  If it doesn't, antisemitism, already on the rise, will climb even higher, and once again Jews in the diaspora will bear the brunt. 

Patricia Friedberg - author 21 Aldgate/

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